About SmartBots

Smartbots is all about Coding and Robot making.

Smartbots started in 2015 after a trip overseas observing the proliferation of hands-on education in new technology, electronics, engineering, coding and so on and the need for younger population in New Zealand to access such knowledge inside and outside the classroom.

Our mission

Make STEAM education accessible to the wider younger population by providing opportunities to engage, discover and experience through hands-on learning in sessions interactions or through online e-learning.

We have tried and tested our sessions in various area of the South Island and engaged in collaboration with other professionals, educators and passionate people from all over the world.

Learning while making and doing

It is an essential part of our activity.

We aim to demonstrate that coding let us experience the world around us through robotics, less screen time, and that it helps develop essential skills used for many disciplines.

We explore and experiment with the various STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) elements, to build robots that will engage with its environment; and nurturing the future of our younger generations by developing computational and creative thinking through collaborative learning, challenges and project development.

Learning without noticing

We don’t pretend to teach, we encourage learning through making, problem solving, engaging and listening to every participant’s unique voice and ideas.

We share our knowledge with each other. There are no right or wrong way, only evolving solutions, and ever bigger ideas.

Our Smartbots project was approved for funding through the “Unlocking Curious Mind” round 2019.

The Smartbots Curious Mind – He Hihiri I Te Mahara Project aims to bring an understanding and an initiation to science, technology, engineering, art and maths through various experiments and initiatives.

The project is focused towards “giving access to young and youth of rural areas and lower-income unable to obtain STEAM education by delivering a robotics program remotely and interacting through specific planned and local events“.

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